Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring. Naturally durable.

Are you looking for a floor covering that can even withstand chair castors and water? That feels warm and is made of natural raw materials? The laminate floors from wineo offer you all this – and lots more besides:

They are very long-lasting and will remain faithful to you for up to 25 years on average under normal domestic use. We even guarantee you this. They are ideal with underfloor heating and create pleasant room acoustics. Perfect for the home from the kitchen to the bedroom, but also for the commercial sector.

With a laminate floor from wineo you are opting for a well-established quality product. As a pioneer in terms of laminate flooring, we have been constantly expanding our product range since 1991 and optimising it. Our collections feature impressive modern designs for every taste and requirement: in wonderful wood, stone or plain finishes that look particularly authentic. And the search for innovative solutions continues every day.

Just as important as appearance and quality to us is a conservational approach to resources: our products are made of 90 % wood, which is why sustainability plays a major role in all processes. This starts with only using wood from sustainable forestry programmes and is far from finished when it comes to consistent energy management.

In this way, our laminate floors are not only very agreeable to you, but also to the environment.


More attractive and uncomplicated than ever: with a new, clear collection structure, the wineo 300, wineo 500 and wineo 550 ranges impress with an attractive variety of decors. Whether it is classic, trendy or plain coloured – the varied decor range ošers creative freedom for individualists. Improved surfaces and optimised formats provide even greater home comfort.
And all this with the exceptional wineo brand quality.

Thanks to their excellent properties and impressive variety of features, wineo laminate floors provide the best “basis” for
personal or commercial use.